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Estate Sales & Services

Estate Sales. Business Liquidation. Consignment.

Estate Sales

Moving? Downsizing? Combining/splitting households? Whatever the reason, an Estate Sale is often a great way to remove the extra clutter and bulk from your home, while regaining some of the value of those items! We know this can be a painful and emotional process and recognize the respect and care that needs to go into treating these items and preparing them for a new home.

Business Liquidation

Recently upgraded equipment? Moving facilities? Just emptying out that full storage closet that no one in the office really knows what’s in there? Reclaim valuable storage space within your business and get unused product and equipment out of your way.


Photographing, listing, selling and shipping a single item, let alone an entire collection, can often be an overwhelming task to say the least. Let us put our skills and experience to work for you! Competitive commission rates for consignment help you get the most out of your items, from rare art to old postcards and everything in between.